Friday, May 9, 2014

Sunday Preview - May 9, 2014

God has a habit of using imperfect things. When the time came for His Son to put on human flesh, God kept to this pattern. A study of the individuals in the lineage of Jesus is fascinating. Perhaps most interesting are the women who are included. There are no less than five women and each of them possessed flaws. But God saw something in these women that the world did not. He honored them as ancestors of the Savior of the world. Join us Sunday as we pay tribute to these remarkable women as "Mothers of Honor (Matthew 1:1-16)." We continue our Sunday evening series A Walk Through Psalm 23 with "Part 7: Through the Valley (Psalm 23:4)." How did a senior ski trip help me learn more about trusting in the Shepherd's guidance? You may be surprised. Hope to see you there!

In His service,
Rob Lester  <9)))><

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