Online Bible Study

Are you seeking answers to your questions about God, His Son, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, what salvation is and how one becomes saved, and many other questions?  Studying God's word is the best place to begin.

There are a variety of ways to study the bible.  Studying online is just one of them.  If you wish to study online, please read on. 

First, the church of Christ at Maryville welcomes your questions via email, should you prefer a one-to-one online study of God's word.  We will take your questions seriously and provide you with scripture references to answer them. 

Second, we welcome your questions via the comments section on the blog.  We will respond promptly and provide you with sound scriptural references to help you find the answers you seek. 

Third, if you are a Facebook user, you are also encouraged to join the Facebook Group and ask your questions there.  You may also use the "search" box at the top of your own Facebook page to search for "Maryville Church of Christ" if you have any difficulty with the provided link above.

You may want to consider acquiring an electronic bible to aid you in your online studies.  An electronic bible is a great help in studying God's word, but it's not absolutely necessary.  It allows you to do keyword searches, save your studies by topic or by books of the bible, add bookmarks and comments, and allows you to maintain a list of questions asked, and the scriptural references which helped you find the answer. 

One such free electronic bible available online is e-Sword.  It can be found at the e-Sword site, as well as many free add-ons, such as different bible translations, commentaries, antiquities, and other study resources.  The Maryville Church of Christ has no affiliation or financial interest in or with or the site owner.  It is merely a downloadable bible that has been tried and found to be an effective study tool option.