Friday, March 7, 2014

Sunday Preview -- March 9, 2014

"Go big or go home" is what some say about making a daring attempt. God follows this thinking to some degree. He tends to "go big" with whatever activity He is engaged in. Many times something simpler would have sufficed but God chose to exercise His flair for the dramatic. The sun could have just popped over the horizon every morning like a light bulb coming on, but God made the sunrise gradual, majestic, and unnecessarily beautiful. That's His style. Sunday morning we will consider "The Abundance of God" and see how this affects His blessings, His judgment, and His grace. Come back Sunday evening as we dig in for a taste of "Sandwich Theology (3rd John 11)." It involves coaching, butter, and a woman named Jezebel. I won't reveal any more so you'll have to come by the building or listen online to find out what I'm talking about :)

In His service,
Rob Lester <9)))><

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