Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday Sermon Preview -- February 23, 2014

I can hardly go a week it seems without hearing some reference to the "Rapture." Maybe it's the uncertain times we find ourselves in (which have always existed). Or maybe it's that the world seems to be falling apart (as it has been since the Garden of Eden, see Romans 8:20-22). Whatever the reason, more and more people are talking about the return of Jesus and what that means for both believers and non-believers. The apostle Paul wrote First Thessalonians to comfort the church there in Thessalonica about their misunderstandings of this very topic. What can we learn from it and can it offer us any hope or comfort as well? We will continue our Sunday morning series "Sweet Sixteens Part Eight: Something to Shout About (1st . Thess. 4:16-17). Come back Sunday evening as we consider what it means to "Break the Mold (Romans 12:2)." Although the world seems to encourage tolerance of everyone's opinions and beliefs, it actually demands conformity. This is a challenge because the world's standards are always changing! Paul wrote to the Roman church to warn them about following the world's pattern. The will of God which is revealed in His Word is what should be the standard for us. Come and let us reason together!

In His service,
Rob Lester <9)))><

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