Friday, December 13, 2013

The Power of Prayer -- Sunday Teaser

We are told to "Pray without ceasing" in 1st Thessalonians 5:17. But why? What good does it do? God already knows everything so it's not like we are informing Him of needs which He is not aware. If it's not for God, then, logically, it must be for us. How does praying benefit us? And I'm not just talking about getting what we ask for. I mean just the ACT itself. Join us Sunday morning as we consider "The Power of Prayer (James 5:16-17)." We must understand that God answers ALL prayer in His own time ("no" or "not now" is an answer). Then, we will be encouraged to trust in His wisdom when we are tempted to be impatient or frustrated. Come back Sunday evening as we attempt to understand "The Privilege of Prayer (1st Timothy 2:1-4)." By examining how to pray and who to pray for, we will see that we have a joyous duty to pray on behalf of others. Christians have access to an enormous power source through prayer and we must be generous in using it. Hope to see you there.

[To listen to the audio recording related to this post, click on the audio link on the right side of the blog screen under "Sermon Audio", The Power of Prayer -- Dec 15, 2013.]

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